My Air Conditioner Is Making Weird Sounds

Many homeowners in the Philadelphia area call us to diagnose and fix the weird sounds coming from their air conditioners. Although we can’t give a 100% accurate assessment over the phone (or the internet) there are a couple common reasons for some of the sounds you may be hearing. Check out our list below to get an idea of what may be going on and give us a call to fix any issues you are having.

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Identify the Noise

The first thing you need to do is identify the noise you’re hearing. Some of the most common sounds people report are:

  • Rattling – there are actually a number of different reasons why your air conditioner could be rattling. Sometimes it’s simple like debris getting into your unit (think twigs, toys, or garbage), but other times it can be a signal that your AC is starting to age and wear down. If your air conditioner is over 10 – 15 years old, you will want to have it checked out by a professional to make sure it’s operating safely.
  • Hissing or squealing – although hissing and squealing sounds can be similar, they point to distinctly different issues. Hissing usually means that refrigerant is leaking from your air conditioner, and you need to call for repairs ASAP. Squealing, on the other hand, tends to be the result of a loose fan belt. Over time, this can cause problems for your air conditioner—and the sound isn’t going to stop until you get it fixed!
  • Clicking – clicking sounds point to electrical problems in your air conditioner—and those are the kind of thing that need to be handled by an experienced professional right away.
  • Chirping – this is one of the few noises you that shouldn’t alarm you in your air conditioner because chirping is usually a result of your AC firing up after not being run in a while.

If your air conditioner is making some other alarming noise that isn’t listed above, give us a call and describe the issue. We can help you determine if it’s an AC emergency or just a normal operating sound.

Get Your Air Conditioner Repaired

When your air conditioner is doing something abnormal, it’s usually a reason to be concerned, and if your AC is going bump in the night, you need to give us a call. We can come out to your home and assess your system and fix any problems you may be having.

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