Server Room Cooling Services

Modern technology is hot…literally. Computers and other technology tend to generate heat while in operation. Knowing this, it isn’t a surprise that your server room, which is full of computer equipment, will generate a lot of heat. The problem? Heat and technology do not mix. If your equipment, especially your servers, becomes too hot, it can cause them to malfunction and shut down. Needless to say, that is the last thing you want, which is why you can depend on Dowd HVAC for all of your server room cooling services to help maintain a healthy temperature so that your equipment doesn’t overheat!

You need to keep your server room cool and clean to allow your equipment to work properly. To do that, you will need a correctly sized and effective server room cooler. We can help with your server room cooler installation, repairs, and even replacement.

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Server Room Cooler Installation

Are you working on getting your business’ server room set up? If so, then you will need a good system for computer room cooling. Don’t let any amateur try their hand at this – no general fan or AC unit will create the cooling power you need. Instead, come to our team to get your server room cooler installed. Our technicians are NATE-certified so they know exactly how to get this system set up, sized, and running.

You need to keep your server or computer room cool. To do that you need to have the best possible cooling system installed in your commercial space. We are the team that can pair you with the best system to suit your needs and then get it set up. All you need to do is reach out to us.

Server Room Cooler Replacement

Your server room cooler is vital to keeping your business or office running. As you can imagine, if your server room cooler suddenly gives out, it can be a big problem. Even with regular server room cooler maintenance and timely server room cooler repair services, there may come a time when your system simply needs to retire. When that day comes, you can reach out to us for server room cooler replacement in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas.

We guarantee our services. That means we will do everything possible to get your old system removed and replaced properly with as little delay as possible.

Server Room Cooler Repair

How do you know something is off with your server room cooler? You don’t want to wait for it to break down completely before you schedule repairs. The ideal situation would be to schedule repairs before you have to shut down your equipment to keep it from overheating. Here are the warning signs you need to be on the alert for to schedule repairs as early as you can:

  • You aren’t getting any cool air from your cooler.
  • Temperatures are irregular.
  • The bills for cooling the room are increasing.
  • You are noticing issues with your servers due to high temperatures.

If you are noticing trouble with your server room cooler, you will want to get it addressed quickly. We guarantee all our repairs get the job done right the first time around.

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