Heat Pump Installation, Replacements, and Repairs

Discover the optimal comfort solution for residents in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas with our expert heat pump services. Heat pumps stand out as a versatile option, offering both efficient cooling during the summer and effective heating in the winter season. This dual functionality encapsulates the benefits of two systems in one, making heat pumps a compelling choice for modern or vintage homes.

Understanding the importance of a well-maintained and smoothly operating heat pump system, our EPA and NATE-certified technicians at Dowd HVAC are your trusted partners. From meticulous heat pump installations designed to suit the specific needs of your home to prompt and reliable repairs, and even comprehensive heat pump replacements, our team ensures that your comfort is our top priority.

Count on Dowd HVAC for swift, effective, and certified services, ensuring your heat pump system operates at its peak efficiency year-round.

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Heat Pump Installation

Looking for an efficient, eco-friendly, and effective comfort system for your home? A heat pump system can be a great solution for this. These are units that can both heat and cool your home thanks to their ability to transfer heat. Anyone who needs a great heater and cooler for their home may be able to get exactly what they are looking for with a heat pump.

We offer heat pump installation for some of the best systems on the market such as Trane and Goodman models. If you are interested in installing a heat pump system in your home, you can come to us. We have expert technicians on our staff who can and will perform the best installation possible. If you aren’t satisfied, you can rest assured that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Heat Pump Replacement

Heat pumps are systems that offer some unique perks. However, they can’t last forever. Just like other comfort systems, heat pumps have a certain lifespan. Once that lifespan is finished, it is best to replace this system. That’s where we come in. We offer heat pump replacement that ensures your old system is removed and replaced properly.

We know that being without a comfort system isn’t a great option with the weather that Bensalem, PA throws our way. If your heat pump is ready to retire, the sooner you get this replacement done the better off you, your home, and your wallet will be. Reach out to learn more.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are another system that needs an extra helping hand every once in a while. That’s why we offer heat pump repair services to residents in Bensalem, PA as well. If you are noticing odd noises, a higher monthly energy bill, poor comfort, short cycling, or other issues with your system, you will want to reach out to us for repairs ASAP.

We also provide heat pump maintenance services to keep your system in the best shape possible for as long as possible. Maintenance is going to reduce repair needs while optimizing your system’s effectiveness and efficiency. When performed yearly, maintenance can keep your heat pump running better for a longer period of time. You can come to Dowd Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for the best services for your home comfort system. Schedule repairs and maintenance with our team today.

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