Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality can be just as important to your home’s comfort as the temperature of the air in your home. After all, you aren’t going to be very comfy in a house with dusty or overly humid air. While you may not realize it, these are factors that can and will, destroy your comfort. Our indoor air quality services can help combat this.

From indoor air quality (IAQ) system installation to repairs and more, you can rely on our team. We’ve been providing quality IAQ services to residents around Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas since 1997. We know what it takes to keep the air in your home clean and clear so you can enjoy optimal comfort.

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Indoor Air Quality System Installation

Do you need help with your indoor air quality? The best way to boost the quality of the air in your home is by adding an IAQ system. We can provide installation services for any of the following systems:

  • Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
  • Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Duct Services

These systems are going to provide a variety of benefits. This can include tackling airborne debris, managing humidity levels, and even improving the balance of fresh air indoors. The key here is that these benefits will only apply if a professional is the one to do the installation. When you are looking for a way to improve the air in your home, you can come to our team. If there is anything wrong with your new system installation we guarantee you will get 100% of your money back.

Indoor Air Quality System Replacement

No indoor air quality system is built to last forever. Whether it is a filter or a dehumidifier, every IAQ system will eventually need to be replaced. Time and regular use are all it takes to cause this, even if you are careful about using your system in the best way possible. That is why Dowd Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning provides indoor air quality system replacement.

If you have an IAQ system that can’t do its job anymore, you may need a replacement. If you come to us we can confirm whether this is the case before doing anything else. From there we will get the old system removed and a new one installed in its place so you can enjoy optimal IAQ again.

Indoor Air Quality System Repair

Sometimes your indoor air quality system isn’t working quite right. Maybe the purifier seems to be faulty or your humidifier just isn’t doing its job this year. Whatever the issue may be, you will want it resolved sooner than later. That’s where we come in. Our technicians are trained and ready to provide indoor air quality repairs to get your systems back into prime condition. We guarantee our system repairs so you won’t have to worry about a fix going wrong. This even applies to ensuring your air duct quality. Reach out today to learn more.

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