Radiant Heating Systems: Installations, Replacements, and Repair Services

Radiant heating systems have been heating homes around the world for a long time. Thankfully, today’s radiant heaters are a lot more effective at how they provide heat. That means better comfort for your home as long as the system is cared for properly. Dowd Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning can be the team that keeps your home warm with our radiant heating system services.

From keeping your boiler working properly to ensuring that your radiant baseboard heater is in prime condition, you can rely on us for the heating services that will keep you warm. Since 1997, we’ve been helping keep homes in and around Bensalem, PA reliably warm. Come to us for radiant heating installation, radiant heating repair, and more.

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Radiant Heating Installation

Looking for a heating system that will keep your home warm without making you feel like you have a hot breeze flowing through the house? Then a radiant heating system may be the ideal match for you. These units use radiant heat, instead of forced air heat. What that translates to is something closer to sunlight on a warm day instead of a warm breeze.

Radiant heating systems are powerful, efficient, and long-lasting. The best way to ensure they truly embody these benefits is through a professional radiant heating installation. Only a trained technician like ours can give your new radiant heater the start it needs. Learn more about the quality systems we install in Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Philadelphia, and schedule an appointment when you contact us.

Radiant Heating Replacement

Radiant heaters are great for keeping your home warm but only to a point. Why the limit? Well because every comfort system out there has a timespan in which it will operate well and after which it will need to retire. It’s just how all heaters work. After a certain point, every system will need a radiant heating replacement. Our team is ready to help you when this time comes for your heater.

A replacement is just as important to the operation of your heater as an installation. This isn’t a service to entrust an amateur or try to perform using an online guide. Let the pros at Dowd Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning handle your replacement services. We guarantee your satisfaction when you work with us.

Radiant Heating Repair

Radiant heaters do a lot to heat your home. Thankfully these systems are made to do this effectively and efficiently. The issue is that they won’t always be able to offer that quality of comfort. If you have a radiant heater that is struggling, it pays to reach out to a professional for some assistance. We are happy to let you know that our technicians can provide you with the radiant heating repair services that will help get your system back into working order and keep it that way.

We promise that our repairs will get the job done right. Every repair service we provide is guaranteed. We also offer radiant heating maintenance services that will keep our repair needs few and far between. Work with Dowd Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning to enjoy service that puts your comfort first.

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