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5 Reasons to Purchase an Air Purifier

An indoor air purifier is an investment in 24/7 improved indoor air quality. A whole-house indoor air purifier works around the clock to filter air as it moves through your system. If you don’t already have an air purifier installed you can schedule an air purifier service in Bensalem, PA.

Whether you suffer from allergies or just want to eliminate germs from your home, it’s a great investment. Air purifiers aren’t too expensive to install and require very little maintenance from year to year. You can keep reading to learn more about the top five ways that an air purifier benefits your home and family.


If you suffer from any type of allergies, a whole-house air purifier will benefit your home greatly. You can’t help the allergens that are in the air outside or anywhere else you go, but you deserve to be comfortable and breathe easily when you’re inside your own home. Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or allergies to things like pet dander that may be in your air all the time, a whole-house air purifier can help alleviate your symptoms by reducing the number of particles in your air.

Viruses and Germs

An air purifier is also a great way to eliminate the germs and bacteria that can make you sick. This is especially important during the winter when you have viruses in the air like the flu and COVID-19. Getting sick is never fun. You cannot prevent germs and viruses from getting into your home, but you can keep them from spreading. No matter how well you wipe down surfaces in your home, viruses and germs are still airborne. Installing an indoor air purifier helps you to eliminate them almost completely.

Pollution and Smells

Did you know that indoor air can be as much as five times more polluted than the air outside your home? This is because germs are trapped and recirculating throughout your home all while you continue to bring more pollution in with you every time you return home. Examples of pollution include bad odors from outside, pollution from cars, chemicals, pet odors, and much more.

Less Dust Build-Up

An added benefit of having an air purifier is that less dirt builds up on the surfaces around your home. This means you won’t have to dust quite as often as you would usually need to. You’ll be able to take a deep breath and feel the freshness in the air of your home after you invest in an indoor air purifier.

AC Efficiency

You may even save a little bit of money on your heating and cooling costs. When dust builds up in the ductwork it can interfere with airflow that blows from your heater or air conditioner into your home. You may not think that these tiny particles of dust are that harmful, but after they form a thin layer on the inside of your ductwork, those particles can stir up and mix in with clean air that’s blowing through. Instead of having a streamlined airflow, the airflow slows down and becomes muddled. This results in less efficiency as your air conditioner and heater have to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

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