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It Might Be Time for an ERV Installation

If you have concerns about your indoor air quality, you may be considering your options for systems that help your air conditioner improve the indoor air quality. You have a variety of options, and one of them is an energy recovery ventilator. The system helps improve indoor air quality by decreasing pollution, but also by helping you to maintain healthy humidity levels.

If you need services for indoor air quality in Abington, PA, our team can help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about an energy recovery ventilator, and why it might be a great addition for your home.

What Is an ERV?

The acronym ERV is short for energy recovery ventilator. It’s a system that you install in your home alongside your air conditioner. An energy recovery ventilator works with two different streams of air. The first stream is the exhaust air that is leaving your home, and the second one is the stream of indoor air being brought inside.

Part of how an ERV works is by blowing stale air from inside your home back outside. It also works to bring in fresh air from outdoors to replace the stale air that is leaving. As air cycles in and out of your house, you consistently have a fresh stream of air coming in to help reduce pollution levels inside your house.

Humidity Levels

One important aspect of indoor air quality is how humid your home is. In the summer months, high humidity levels can make your home feel warmer than it really is. An ERV is unique because it helps to transfer humidity from the stream of air coming into your home over to the stream of air that is leaving your home. Bringing in fresh air does not have to mean increasing humidity levels in your home.

Indoor Air Quality

You may not think that the air inside your home is really that bad, but it likely is. Bacteria, viruses, and other germs get trapped inside your house and multiply. They recirculate through your air conditioning system because they are small enough to make it through your air filter. It’s a cycle that never ends unless you invest in a system like an ERV.

When stale air is consistently being cycled out, so are bacteria, viruses, and other germs. Fresh air coming into your house is filtered to help remove allergens that are in the outdoor air, like pollen and mold, spores. The whole goal of an energy recovery ventilator is that air is constantly being cycled in and out of your home to maintain freshness.

High Energy Bills

And ERV can help to reduce your energy use. Many homeowners think that installing a new system will result in higher energy bills. But an ERV doesn’t use a lot of energy to begin with and it actually lightens the load on your air conditioner. You have the potential to lower your energy bills significantly when you install an ERV.

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