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AC Repair vs. Replacement: How to Make the Right Decision

There comes a time in your air conditioner’s life when you have to make the decision between repairs and replacement. Sometimes it makes more sense to repair your air conditioner, but other times repairs can be so costly that it makes more sense to replace your air conditioner instead.

If you need to schedule an appointment for AC repair in Levittown, PA, our team is here to help. We can even guide you on whether it makes more sense to make repairs or invest in a replacement AC based on our assessment of your current air conditioner. You can also keep reading to learn more about how to decide whether to spend money on repairs or get a whole new air conditioner.

When to Repair your AC

There are many times that making repairs to your air conditioner is the best decision. If your air conditioner is still covered by the manufacturers warranty, you definitely want to invest in repairs. After all, some of the repairs may actually be covered by your manufacturers warranty, reducing your out-of-pocket cost.

Repairs also make sense when they are small and inexpensive. It’s easy to make small tweaks all along to your air conditioner to keep it in great condition. Things like replacing fan belts, re-lubricating components, and fixing other small problems help your air conditioner to be more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan. And in fact, making smaller repairs is the best way to prevent larger problems and complete air conditioner breakdowns.

When to Replace Your AC

There are other times when you should probably consider replacing your AC instead of investing in repairs. After your manufacturers warranty is up, all repairs are going to come out of your pocket. Your air conditioner has an expected lifespan of around 15 years, or maybe 20 if you take very good care of it. Once you get closer to that 15 year mark, it becomes more likely that you need to replace your air conditioner.

If our team visits to your home and the repair bill is up into the thousands of dollars, it may make more sense to put that money into a completely new air conditioner. After all, we are likely only replacing one part of your air conditioner even though it is very expensive. Meanwhile, the rest of your air conditioner is still aging and it’s likely that you’ll face more expensive repair bills down the road. Experts say that if a single repair costs more than half of what it would be to get a whole new air conditioner, you should just go ahead and get the new unit.

Of course, making a series of repairs in a short timeframe could also add up, so you want to consider that as well. And when you’re in doubt, our team is always happy to help. We know that it can be difficult to make the decision to invest in a new air conditioner when it is such a major expense. Sometimes we are able to make smaller repairs to buy you more time with your current air conditioner so that you can save and begin planning for a new unit without having to make an emergency replacement.

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