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Do I Need an Air Purifier for My Home?

Are you more concerned about the quality of the air inside your home than you once were? You aren’t alone. Worries about IAQ have skyrocketed over the last year and a half for some pretty good reasons. Even before that, poor indoor air quality had been a problem for homes, but fewer people were aware of it. Now you may wonder if you need to have an air purifier in Bensalem, PA for your house in order to breathe healthy and clean air.

It’s a good question, and to get a solid answer, you’ll need to have professionals assist you. Some homes don’t need special air purifiers, while others will benefit immensely.

Air filters at work

Before considering putting in an air purifier for your house, we recommend you look at air filtration systems. You already have an air filter for your HVAC system, which is located either on the HVAC cabinet or behind the vent cover of the return air vent in the house. This filter doesn’t do much for air quality because it prevents dust and debris from entering the HVAC cabinet and damaging it. If you have IAQ troubles in your house, it takes a special air filtration system to make a difference. These filters are thick enough to trap most pollutants moving through the ventilation system, but they cannot simply be put in place of the standard air filter: HVAC pros must make space for them within the ductwork and specially integrate them.

For some homes, a dedicated IAQ air filtration system will do the job necessary to remove airborne contaminants. These filters do have limits, however: they can only be at maximum strength level before they start to restrict airflow and cause more harm than good. If your home can’t have a filter strong enough to trap all the contaminants in the ventilation system, an air purifier is the next step.

Air purifiers at work

Unlike air filters, air purifiers do not use any type of mesh or media to trap particles. Instead, they use electrical power to draw the particles out of the air without any resistance to airflow. This is the main advantage of having air purifiers paired with air filters: they can catch the smaller pollutants that slip through the filter without making the work of the HVAC system more difficult.

There are different types of air purifiers that can target a range of pollutants. The most common type is the ionization purifier that alters the charge of particles in the air to draw them down to a pair of charged plates. There are also purifiers that use ultraviolet light (powerful against organic pollutants such as microbes, mold spores, and viruses) and oxidation.

Finding the right air purification system for your house is not difficult: you only need to call our experts for a consultation. We can first help you with air filtration and then see if one or more air purifiers will contribute to a healthier home. The right set of IAQ solutions can remove more than 98% of unwanted pollutants for your house.

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