4 Great Benefits of Whole-House De-humidification

4 Great Benefits of Whole-House De-humidification

Humidity. The word itself usually conjures up thoughts of sweating through hot days. Humidity on its own isn’t necessarily bad—extreme dry air can also create problems. But when the relative humidity of the air rises above 60%, the amount of moisture in the air can lead to many issues.

But you have an air conditioner in your house, so that should take care of the humidity, right? We have some bad news there: a central air conditioning system can help keep your house cool, even on humid days, but it isn’t actually a dehumidifier. It does remove some moisture from the air as it runs (which is why you hear dripping water from its cabinet), but not enough to make a difference. If you want balanced humidity for your home, you’ll need to have professionals install a whole-house dehumidifier.

There are four major benefits of having whole-house dehumidification:

#1. Better Comfort

This is likely what leaped to your mind first. High humidity makes warm temperatures feel substantially worse. This isn’t because humidity makes the air hotter, but because humidity traps more heat inside your body, making you feel hotter. An 82°F day can feel like it’s more than 90°F. Your AC can’t remove enough of this moisture to make a change, but a whole-house dehumidifier can let you turn relative humidity down to a balanced 45% so you won’t have to feel extra heat.

#2. Lower Cooling Costs

Without a dehumidifier, you’ll have to run the air conditioner for longer on hot and humid days to feel comfortable. With the example above, you’d have to run the AC as if the house were 90°F even though it’s actually 82°F. Because a whole-house dehumidifier helps you keep cooler, you won’t have to keep the AC running as much. Your monthly energy bills will reflect this.

#3. Improved AC Performance

An air conditioner also runs better with a whole-house dehumidifier at work. This is partially because the AC won’t need to run as often, but it also makes it easier for the air conditioner to remove the moisture it generates as it evaporates refrigerant. Lower humidity means less chance for mold to start to grow along the AC coil, which can severely limit its efficiency (and makes the house smell awful as well).

#4. Better Health

High humidity can lead to health concerns in your house from mold growth. Mold develops best in damp environments, and some mold types release toxic spores into the air. These spores are especially harmful to people with asthma and allergies. High humidity also encourages mildew growth, which isn’t dangerous for people’s health but can be destructive for a home’s health. A whole-house dehumidifier makes it much harder for mold and mildew to grow.

We offer installation of great dehumidifiers in Bensalem, PA: we’ll integrate the dehumidifier into your home’s HVAC system so it works in tandem with the AC for the ideal balance of humidity and temperature. For total humidity control, we also install whole-house humidifiers, which are beneficial during the winter.

Call Dowd Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule service for whole-house dehumidifier installation. A Degree Above the Rest.

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