How Will High Humidity Damage My Home?

Suffering in Humidity

Living in high humidity conditions can be unpleasant. You always feel like you’re covered in sweat, and you can kiss those dreams of having a great hair day goodbye. Besides your own suffering, your house may be suffering, too. High humidity doesn’t just affect you. It can also damage your home. At DOWD HVAC, we want to make sure that your family and home are safe from extreme temperatures. That includes high humidity. Here is what can happen to your home when the humidity is too high.

  1. Warped Wooden Floors

High humidity means there is a lot of moisture in the air. As a result, anything that is wooden inside of your home is going to become warped. Wood absorbs moisture. As a result, it starts to swell. This can cause it to pop out of place or start to curl in on itself. The floorboards of your home might start to come apart. You may also experience your door frames causing your doors to stick.

  1. Peeling Wallpaper

Moisture can also cause the wallpaper in your home to curl. It can get behind the wallpaper and wall and remove its stickiness. As a result, the wallpaper starts to curl. It may even start to rip away entirely.

  1. Put a Toll on HVAC

In order to battle high humidity, you’re likely going to have your air conditioning unit running at all times during the day and night. While this might help cut down on the humidity in your home, it’s going to wear out your HVAC in Abington, PA. Because it’s constantly running, the parts are going to become worn out quickly. They may also start to generate heat from being used so much. This can also cause them to warp and break.

To fight high humidity, you may end up breaking your HVAC system if you choose to keep it running. This will also result in a higher energy bill.

  1. Make Bad Odors Emerge

While you may do what you can to keep your home clean and smelling great, high humidity can cause bad odors to emerge. There are a few reasons why this might happen. The first is that any previously thought clean area might not actually have been thoroughly cleaned. Odors can exist deep down into the fibers of the carpet.

It may also be due to the increasing presence of bacteria. They thrive in humid situations. An accumulation of bacteria can result in foul odors.

Keep Your House Safe

To prevent your house from succumbing to the effects of high humidity, you’ll want to ensure that your HVAC system is ready to battle it. Call our team today to have them maintain your unit.