Why Air Filters Often Need Pairing With Air Purifiers

Why Air Filters Often Need Pairing With Air Purifiers

If you’re looking to have cleaner air in your house—and more people are concerned about this than ever before—you have several options. Most people usually think of having special whole-house air filters installed. These filters need professionals to plumb them into the ductwork (the filter that’s already in place on the HVAC system isn’t for air cleaning purposes). Filters are an excellent method for improving indoor air quality, and most homes can benefit from them.

However, air filters sometimes need the assistance of air purifiers. The right air filtration and air purification system combination can remove more than 98% of unwanted particles from the air circulating through a home. Let’s look into more of the details about when air filters need the help of air purifiers.

Air Filters Can Sometimes Handle the Job

Modern whole-house air filtration systems can trap extremely small particles. The HEPA filters used in hospitals and industrial plants can stop the movement of particulates down to 0.1 microns in size—that takes care of everything from dust and lint to chemicals, smoke, volatile organic compounds, and even bacteria.

There is a limit, however, to how strong a filter a house can use. Most homes don’t have HVAC systems powerful enough to handle a HEPA filter. A filter with a weave that thick will not only stop contaminants, but it will stop airflow as well. Professional indoor air quality technicians can determine the maximum strength filter that a house can use. In some situations, this strength of filter will be enough to provide effective air cleaning.

When an Air Purifier Is Necessary

Air purifiers are rarely installed on their own because they aren’t efficient against larger particles like dust, dander, and lint. Instead, they target smaller airborne contaminants, the type that can get through a standard whole-house filter. The filter traps the bigger particles, and the air purifier then eliminates the tinier ones that pass through the filter. In cases where the maximum strength filter for an HVAC system isn’t enough to thoroughly clean the air, pairing the filter with an air purifier is a great option.

Air purifiers can also help a filter do its job better. One common type of air filter uses ionization to charge particles in the air. Opposite-charged particles will clump together, making it easier for the filter to trap and remove them.

You don’t necessarily have to purchase separate air filtration and purification systems: there are air cleaners that combine both. There are also air purifiers specifically designed to handle organic pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and microbes.

Rely on Professionals for Great Indoor Air Quality

We offer many options for air filtration and air purification systems. If you aren’t certain what you need for healthier indoor air, we’re glad to help you find out. We’ll work with you to find the air filter and air purifier in Hatboro, PA that will give you the results you want for your household. You can always count on our technicians for timely and environmentally friendly service.

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