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How Your Home’s Ducts Can Pickpocket You

At this moment, you might have a sneaky thief crawling about your home, maybe in the attic, maybe hiding in the walls. This thief won’t carry off your most valuable possessions, but it will lift money from your pocket bit by bit so that it can add up to hundreds of dollars over a year. This thief can even cause other damage to your house without you knowing about it at first.

You don’t need to call the police to catch this thief. To stop this pickpocket, you’ll need an HVAC expert! Because this thief is actually the ductwork of your home: the air channels carrying heated and cooled air throughout the rooms. When air ducts start to spring leaks, it will take money from you on your utility bills, month after month until you have professional duct service in Hatboro, PA.

Yes, air duct leaks can be this is bad!

We aren’t exaggerating when we call air leaks a “thief.” It may not sound as if a few small leaks in the ductwork can add up to lost money, but it’s the truth. Ductwork manufacturers design air ducts as airtight seals. This allows the HVAC system to maintain air pressure from the blower fan in the HVAC cabinet all the way to the air registers in each of the rooms. Any breach in this airtight seal will cause a drop in air pressure and a subsequent drop in heating and cooling performance. The HVAC system must make up this deficit, and that means it must work harder than normal to meet the demands on your thermostat.

Consider this dismaying fact: up to 30% of the air moving through the ventilation system can escape through air duct leaks. In your house, that means you’re losing approximately a third of the air you’ve already paid to heat or cool. Where is it going? Into the attic or between the walls; places that you don’t need to heat or cool. And yet, you’ll end up paying to heat or cool them anyway. The thief has struck!

How you can stop this thief

You do have “home energy efficiency police” you can call to catch this thief and stop the filching of money from your pocket: the HVAC professionals at Dowd Mechanical!

One of the important services we offer as skilled HVAC technicians is work on the air ducts of a home. When you begin to notice higher energy bills for heating and cooling your house (and this thief works all year long!), take the important step of calling us. We can first determine if trouble with the heater or AC is behind the rise in bills. After that, we can perform duct testing that measures the integrity of the ductwork in the ventilation system. This test shows us how well the ducts of the house maintain air pressure. If the pressure rapidly drops, we’ll know we need to perform repairs to close up air leaks. We’ll professionally seal your ducts and restore the ventilation system to its original condition—we’ll catch that thief!

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