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How UV Air Purifiers Help a Home’s Air Quality

You aren’t the only person who wants to know if an air purifier can help you clean out pollutants from your indoor air. Homeowners today have greater concerns about indoor air quality than ever before, and HVAC professionals like us can offer air purifiers in Bensalem, PA that make a difference.

And, yes, whole-house air purification systems can make a significant difference for indoor air quality. You’ll need the help of professionals to select and install the right set of purifiers and filters.

Air purifiers can use several methods to clean household air. Here are the most common:


The air purification system found the most often in homes uses ionization to remove airborne particles. An ionizer creates an electrical charge in the air, called a corona discharge, that adds or subtracts electrons to particles that pass through it. This causes the particles to gain either a positive or negative charge. Oppositely charged particles will clump together and either drop from the air or get trapped easily in an air filter. Ionizers also have charged plates that pull the particles from the air to trap them. Ionizer air purifiers can affect a large number of minute particles.

UV Light

Ultraviolet radiation from UV lights is a powerful tool against organic pollutants. These pollutants include bacteria, mold spores, and viruses. The UV lights are harmless for people or pets, but they disrupt the cellular structure of small organic contaminants, which either kills them outright or renders them inert. UV lights can work for many years out of sight and need little maintenance over time.

Combination Systems

Many air purification systems on the market combine both ionization and air purification methods, and they often include mechanical air filters as well, creating an all-around excellent indoor air quality device. So please don’t think this list is an “either-or” situation—you can combine air quality methods for the best possible results for your home.

What About Ozone?

You may have heard that air purifiers can create trouble in homes because they send ozone into the air, which can be harmful to breathe. This was once true: the creation of ozone was a method of air purification found in many IAQ devices, mainly to combat odors. Today, however, fewer air purification systems use ozone, but just because they are unhealthy but because they affect a smaller range of airborne impurities than other technologies. If you have concerns about ozone in your home, feel free to ask us about your air purification choices to find out if any of them use ozone.

We’ll Find the Air Purification System for Your Home

If you don’t have a whole-house air filtration system yet, we recommend you call us to install one first. These filters trap larger pollutants like dust, dander, and lint. Our technicians will then see what type of air purification system can target the pollutants the filter won’t affect and which will make the filter more effective. You can trust us as your highly rated one-stop shop for HVAC service.

For better indoor air quality in your home, call on Dowd Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. A Degree Above the Rest.

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