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Do Air Purifiers Really Make a Difference in a Home?

Most homes have poorer indoor air quality than they should. This is an unfortunate side-effect of the way modern homes are constructed to improve energy efficiency: the homes are built “tight” so little heat is able to escape in cold weather or get inside during hot weather, but this also prevents an influx of fresh air. Unwanted contaminants build up inside homes without any fresh air to sweep them away and replace them.

This is where air purifiers can serve an important purpose. But do these purification systems make any real difference?

The answer is yes and no. Let’s look at the no side first.

When air purifiers don’t do much

You can go online right now and find many different portable air purification systems online. There’s a whole industry of these devices you can plug into a wall socket and supposedly purify the air in a room. Most of them don’t do a lot, and it’s often hard to tell if they’re doing anything at all. It’s difficult to tell how large of a purifier you need for a room, so it’s easy to stumble onto one that can’t handle the space (and you probably won’t know if it’s working or not!). These purifiers can only affect limited areas and not the whole house.

You can opt for whole-house air purifiers, which we’ll talk about more below, but if you don’t pick the right type and it’s poorly installed, it also won’t do much good for your home. Not all air purifiers work the same way, and some target certain types of particles and have no effect on others. If you don’t know what pollutants in your home you need to combat, you may end up with a purifier that does next to nothing.

When air purifiers make a difference

The type of air purification system you want if you’re truly looking for better indoor air quality is called a whole-house air purification system. This type of purifier is integrated into the HVAC system so it affects all the air that circulates through the house, providing clean air to all of the rooms connected to the ventilation system. These air purifiers are more powerful, convenient, and energy-efficient than small portable purifiers. The purifier controls also allow you to see how well the purifier is working.

For a whole-house air purifier to do the job you want from it, you’ll need to work with professionals who understand air purifier service in Bensalem, PA. The pros will identify the type of purifier necessary to target the pollutants affecting your home’s air, and then they’ll install the system so that it works correctly. You’ll soon start to notice the difference in the quality of your indoor air.

Finally, we recommend that you have any air purifier paired with whole-house air filters. These filters will capture the larger contaminants and leave the smaller ones to the purifiers. The right combo of filters and purifiers will make amazing changes to the air you and your family breathe.

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