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Why Is My Heat Pump Not Sending Out Warm Air?

We encourage our customers to look into using heat pumps for year-round cooling and heating. Heat pumps are not only effective at delivering comfort for all seasons, they operate at high-energy efficiency (especially when compared to using an electric furnace for heat), and can benefit the environment because of their low emissions and superior efficiency.

If you’re currently using a heat pump for the winter weather, you’ve probably arrived at this post because your heat pump just isn’t doing the “heat” side of its job. The cold weather has arrived, and you expect to get warm air flowing from the vents. Instead, you’re either getting room-temperature air or even cold air. Why is this happening?

We’re pros when it comes to heat pump repair in Hatboro, PA, and we can explain the common reasons for this problem.

Broken reversing valve

If your heat pump is sending out cold air, like it’s still acting as an air conditioner, something may be preventing it from switching modes. The likely culprit is a broken reversing valve, the component responsible for changing the direction refrigerant moves when it exits the compressor. The direction the refrigerant moves is what controls if the heat pump is in heating mode or cooling mode. If the valve breaks, the heat pump may become stuck in cooling mode. You will need to have HVAC technicians repair or replace the reversing valve to restore the heat pump’s full function.

Thermostat issues

When you first noticed the heat pump problem, you probably checked the thermostat to make sure you had it set for “heat” and that the temperature settings were accurate. But the thermostat could have a deeper issue that is causing it to fail to turn the heat pump to heating mode, such as a lost connection. If the thermostat is miscalibrated, it may not signal the heat pump to change to heating mode. Repairing thermostat issues is a straightforward job for our technicians.

Dirty air filter

We often mention dirty air filters as a problem for HVAC systems, and here’s another situation where a clogged filter can interfere with your home’s comfort. If the air filter is clogged enough, it will prevent the heat pump’s blower from pulling in enough air for it to heat, resulting in a drop in the amount of warm air coming from the vents. This is an easy problem to correct: change the filter to a clean one (and please make filter changes a regular event, every 1 to 3 months).

Leaky air ducts

The problem may not come from the heat pump itself, but the ducts it’s sending warm air through. If there are air leaks in the ductwork, it will allow hot air to escape and lower the temperature of the air from the vents. Leaky air ducts will generally reduce the effectiveness of a heat pump while also harming its energy efficiency, so you’ll want professionals on the job to seal up the ducts.

There are several other causes for a heat pump failing to heat. When in doubt, reach out to our technicians to investigate and find the right solution for you.

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