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The Benefits of Regular Water Heater Flushes

We always stress the importance of having routine heating maintenance done for a residential heating system before winter arrives. It’s not difficult to convince people that it’s vital they have their furnace or other heater in top shape to handle the serious cold winters we experience in Pennsylvania.

It’s a bit harder to convince them of the importance of this same regular service for water heaters—and the reason is that water heaters work around the year and people tend to take them for granted. But water heaters must have regular maintenance to work their best.

One of the most beneficial regular maintenance jobs necessary for any water heater is the tank flush.

What does a tank flush involve?

It’s when a trained technician fully drains the tank of a water heater. This flushes out sediment inside the tank that accumulates over time. It’s a combination of cleaning the water heater as well as a way of hitting the “reset button” for it.

You can find instructions in several places online for how to flush a water heater yourself. We urge you not to try it. For one thing, it’s a complicated process that requires you to have specialized equipment. It’s more expensive and time-consuming to try to do this DIY than just calling a professional. You also risk creating a flood in your home if you do it wrong. Simply call our team for this vital water heater service in Bensalem, PA and we can do it for you fast and let you start enjoying the benefits.

What are the benefits of a tank flush?

Sediment in a water heater tank can cause several problems, some potentially catastrophic for the water heater. Here are the main benefits of having this service done:

  • Improved energy efficiency: A sediment layer along the bottom of a water heater tank makes it harder for the heat exchanger to transfer heat into the tank. The water heater will cost more to run as a result.
  • Larger hot water volume: The more sediment you have in your water heater tank, the less room the tank has for hot water. You’ll start to experience hot water running out earlier and earlier until the tank flush gives the water heater a reset.
  • Longer system life: Too much sediment will seriously damage a water heater. The sediment forces the water heater to work harder and run down quickly. It will also cause the water heater to overheat and fail. A tank flush will help your water heater reach its full service life.
  • Fewer repairs: As a water heater marches to early retirement because of sediment, it will also rack up expensive repairs. You’ll have far fewer repair costs thanks to periodic tank flushes.

Do I need a tank flush each year?

Probably not, but you do need water heater maintenance each year. During maintenance, the technicians will determine if the tank needs flushing. The more mineral content in your water supply, the more frequently you’ll need tank flushes. Water heater maintenance includes many other essential steps to adjust and inspect the water heater even if it doesn’t need flushing, so please keep up with this important annual service.

When it’s time for water heater maintenance, schedule the service with Dowd Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning: A Degree Above the Rest.

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