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A Leaking AC Requires Professional Support

When you think about your air conditioner, a water leak may not come to mind. In fact, if you noticed water leaking out of your air conditioner, you may be genuinely shocked. But water flow throughout your air conditioner is a completely normal part of the cooling process – most of the time.

Water flow may be normal, but leaks never are. If your AC is leaking, you need to schedule air conditioning service in Hatboro, PA. Keep reading to learn more about what a leak could mean for your air conditioner and why you need a team of experts to check it out.

When your air conditioner cools air to blow back through your home, it also removes some of the moisture from the air to reduce humidity levels. This is because drier air naturally feels cooler. If there’s too much humidity in your air, it feels heavy and warm even after being cooled.

As moisture leaves the air and collects in your air conditioner, it turns into water droplets in the condensate drain line. These droplets then form a stream that flows to the outside portion of your air conditioner where it drains out. You may even hear this water flow from time to time. But like we already mentioned, leaks are not a normal part of this process.

If you do notice a leak coming from your air conditioner, there’s a good chance that your condensate drain line is clogged by dust and dirt buildup or mold growth. You may notice water leaking out into the condensate drain pan. The pan may even overflow if the clog is bad enough.

Clearing Out Drain Clogs

Sometimes, you can remove the clog using a wet/dry vacuum. But, if the clog is tough, then you may need to give us a call for expert help. And honestly, even if you can remove the clog, there is likely still residue inside the drain line that needs to be cleaned out. Otherwise, the residue will just continue attracting dust and dirt particles to create another clog.

That’s where our team comes in. We can ensure that your condensate drain line is completely clean to prevent additional clogs from building up. We can also inspect the rest of your air conditioner to determine how the dust and dirt got in, to begin with.

We may have to seal areas of your air conditioner, like your ductwork, to help prevent dust and dirt from getting inside. We may also recommend that you invest in a higher-grade air filter, or that you change out your air filter more frequently. These steps are a great way to prevent dust and dirt from reaching the condensate drain line and creating an environment for clogs again in the future.

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