Find Out What to Do If Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

What does it mean when your air conditioner is blowing warm air? Should you call for repair? Should you turn down the temperature on the thermostat? There are a lot of reasons why your air conditioner could be blowing warm air, and fortunately, some of them can be taken care of at home! However, for those that can’t, you have Dowd’s Mechanical, Heating & Air Conditioning available to handle all your air conditioner repairs in the Philadelphia, PA area!

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Why Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Warm Air & How to Fix It

There are three main reasons why your air conditioner could be blowing warm air: issues with the thermostat settings, ice accumulation on the evaporator, and airflow restrictions somewhere in the forced-air system.

The thermostat is the first thing you should check when you’re having air conditioner problems because the issue could stem from incorrect thermostat settings or loose or damaged thermostat components.

  • Make sure the thermostat is in “cool” and “auto” modes. Set the thermostat temperature 5 degrees below room temperature. Your air conditioner should engage if this was indeed the issue and your problem should be solved. (But don’t forget to fix the temperature after you’ve done this check!)
  • Remove the thermostat cover. Check for loose wires, and tighten the screw terminals as necessary. Use a soft cloth to gently clean the thermostat components and replace the cover. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, just give us a call!

Ice accumulation is another very common reason why air conditioning systems blow warm air. Ice on the evaporator coil prevents the refrigerant from extracting heat from the ducted airflow, which means the warm return air isn’t cooled before it recirculates into the living spaces. There are three main reasons why your AC could freeze over:

  • Dirty air filters – after you’ve given your air conditioner time to defrost, change the air filter and start it back up. If it functions properly then this was your problem—simple as that.
  • Refrigerant charge – this must be at optimal levels for efficient heat exchange. Too much or too little refrigerant stresses the coils and compressor and causes ice accumulation. Since refrigerant is a closed system, if you have an inadequate charge it means you have a leak or it was installed incorrectly—that means you need the help of a professional technician.
  • Faulty electrical components – these can also stress your air conditioning system and lead to ice accumulation on the evaporator. This air conditioner repair issue, like refrigerant charge, should be handled by a trained professional.

If your problem is due to airflow restrictions you may simply need to walk through your home and inspect the registers and vents, clearing away any obstructions. You’ll also want to clear any debris or items that have gathered around your outdoor unit. In order to operate properly, your air conditioner needs a two-foot radius around it of clear space.

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