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Get Your Heater Ready for Winter With Maintenance

It’s already November! It’s time to prepare your home for winter, and one of the most important steps to take is arranging with HVAC professionals to inspect and tune up your heater. No matter if you use a gas furnace, electric furnace, boiler, heat pump, or ductless mini split system, you need the assistance of professionals to prepare it for winter with a maintenance visit.

Our technicians at Dowd Mechanical have the skill, training, and tools to help your heater glide through the winter with few to zero problems.

Annual Maintenance Is Your Heater’s Best Friend

We cannot overemphasize how vital heating maintenance is. It’s truly the best friend for your heater, because it helps the heater work at peak condition. And that makes heating maintenance one of your friends as well. This service provides numerous benefits, and here are only a few:

  • System Longevity: Maintenance is an investment in a long life for your heater. The estimated service life for a heating system is only possible if it has regular tune-ups and inspections. Otherwise, the heater will fail years early—even cutting its life expectancy in half. Maintenance helps you get the most useful years from your heating system.
  • Safety: For gas-powered furnaces and boilers, the safety checks done during maintenance are essential for keeping the systems running safely. You should never head into the winter with a gas-powered heating system that hasn’t gotten the safety “okay” from a technician. If our maintenance techs do find something wrong with your gas heater, they’ll alert you to it so you can arrange for the appropriate repair.
  • Fewer Repairs: The majority of repairs for a heater are avoidable thanks to routine maintenance. This saves you money and time.
  • Better Energy Efficiency: Maintenance slows down the decay of a heating system, and this helps it run close to its original energy efficiency for most of its service life.

Join Our Residential Maintenance Program

We make maintenance easy through our Residential Maintenance Program. When you sign up, you’ll have both heating and air conditioning maintenance done during the year. As a member, you’ll also receive several special benefits:

  • A 10% discount on repairs
  • Priority scheduling and after-hours calls at no additional cost
  • Emergency services with no overtime fees

Call our office to learn more details about the Residential Maintenance Program. We’re happy to help you sign up and get on the schedule for a convenient appointment for your heating system.

What If Your Heater Is Too Old?

Maintenance can help a heating system work for many years, but there is a limit on how long any heating system can continue to operate effectively. During maintenance, our technicians can give you an idea of how much longer you can expect to keep your heater working. They may recommend having a new heating installation in Hatboro, PA rather than continue with repairs that are more costly than they’re worth. Trust our team to be honest with you about the best course for your home comfort and your budget.

Schedule your annual heating maintenance with Dowd Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning: A Degree Above the Rest.

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