Maintenance Agreement

Find Out How You Can Save Money on Your HVAC Services in Bensalem

An HVAC maintenance agreement from Dowd Mechanical ensures comfort for your home or office. Most importantly, it can also help you save money. Our highly skilled HVAC team provides both residential and commercial maintenance agreements.

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HVAC Maintenance Agreement for Residential Properties

At Dowd Mechanical, we know that many homeowners would want to prevent HVAC system failure as much as they can. Regular maintenance is key. When you sign up for our residential HVAC maintenance agreement, we provide you with a thorough inspection, precision tune-up, professional cleaning, safety check, and more.

There are many benefits of a residential maintenance agreement, including:

  • Discounts on repairs– When you have an HVAC maintenance agreement with Dowd Mechanical, you’ll get a 10% discount on all repairs during the contract period.
  • Priority scheduling and prices– As a maintenance agreement holder, you move to the front of the line when you call for a service. We even include complimentary scheduling of your maintenance service at your convenience. After-hours calls also come at no additional fee.
  • Emergency service– An HVAC maintenance agreement gives you access to emergency service without paying for an overtime charge.
  • Improved performance- When your system is regularly maintained, it will perform better—it’s as simple as that. This means your home will be more comfortable throughout the year.
  • Decreased costs– A regularly maintained HVAC system is more energy-efficient, potentially resulting in lower utility bills.
  • Fewer breakdowns and repairs– Annual maintenance for your HVAC equipment leads to fewer breakdowns and repairs. However, when you do need repairs, you’ll get priority service and a discount.
  • Longer system lifespan– When your systems are operating at an optimal level, the job of heating and cooling your house is that much easier—and that can add years to your equipment’s life!

Our maintenance agreements will differ based on the type of system you have. To start enjoying these benefits, contact us today and learn more about the HVAC agreement that’s right for you!

HVAC Maintenance Agreement for Commercial Properties

Like you, Dowd Mechanical understands how important it is to have a top-performing HVAC system, especially during business hours. A faulty HVAC does not only mean an uncomfortable working environment but it can also halt productivity resulting in lost profit. With our maintenance agreement, you never have to worry about that.

Our standard HVAC commercial maintenance agreement ensures the following benefits:

  • Emergency service guarantee
  • Minimization of downtime
  • Improved equipment life cycle
  • Priority service scheduling
  • Reduced labor rates
  • Reduced energy consumption (and costs) through improved efficiency
  • Optimized building performance and comfort
  • Protection for your equipment investment
  • Reduced operating costs

Periodic maintenance programs tailored to the needs of your business cover most any commercial HVAC component, including:

  • Air conditioners
  • Air cleaners
  • Control systems
  • Furnaces
  • Hot water heaters
  • Make-up air units
  • Humidifiers
  • Rooftop units
  • Ventilation equipment

Start Saving Money on Your HVAC Services Today

If you’re interested in saving money on your heating and cooling services in Bensalem and the surrounding areas, sign up for Dowd Mechanical’s HVAC maintenance agreements! We can ensure your system is operating at an optimal level, keeping your home or business comfortable all year long.

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