Why You Need to Service Your HVAC Before Winter Hits

How much thought are you putting into your HVAC system? Usually, people don’t think twice about their HVAC unit until a problem arises. Considering that those problems usually arise in winter and summer, it might be a good idea to understand why. Here are a few reasons why you should have your HVAC unit serviced before winter arrives.

1. Preparing for Frigid Temperatures

Not a lot of people think about their unit until it’s broken. When it does break, it’s usually in the grips of the frigid winter or hot summer. There’s a reason behind this. People don’t have their units serviced in the season prior to winter or summer. Instead, they let it run itself ragged from season to season. Once it breaks, then they call the repairman. Meanwhile, they’re suffering in freezing or hot temperatures.

They could have avoided this suffering entirely if they had their HVAC unit serviced in the season before winter or summer. In the case of winter, the best time to have the HVAC unit serviced is in the fall. This is because the unit is being used less frequently. The temperatures are lowering but not to the point where you need to use your HVAC unit all that much to be comfortable.

It’s also a great idea because your unit is exhausted after being used to cool the house during the summer. It needs some cleaning, perhaps a few new parts, and an overall checkup to ensure that it’s ready to go full swing again once the cold truly hits. By having the unit serviced in the fall, it will be ready to keep your family warm throughout winter without fault.

2. No Frozen Pipes

If your HVAC unit breaks down in winter, it’s not just your family that will freeze. The pipes that run through your home are also subject to freezing, which can create a serious problem. Water that becomes trapped in the pipes freezes. As more water is added to the pipe, this can create a lot of pressure. Eventually, the pressure becomes too much and the pipe bursts. The next thing you know, you have a room full of water in the cold of winter.

By keeping your HVAC maintained, your house and pipes remain warm. You won’t have to experience flooding and dealing with expenses like water damage, pipe replacements, and an HVAC unit repair bill.

Service Today

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to have your HVAC inspected and serviced. Save money by investing in preventative care for your HVAC. Contact us today and schedule a technician to service your heating and air conditioning in New Hope, PA.