When to Schedule Your Seasonal Furnace Maintenance

If you’re wondering when to schedule your seasonal furnace maintenance, then the answer is simple: there’s no better time than now! Ideally, furnace maintenance should be performed at the end of the summer or the beginning of the fall—before your heating system is really needed for heavy-duty work for the year. This ensures that your furnace is in fighting-form for the cold months ahead.

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The Benefits of Seasonal Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace worked perfectly last season, so why do you need furnace maintenance this year? We understand that you don’t want to pay for unnecessary repairs or services, but let us assure you—seasonal maintenance is crucial. There are many benefits to furnace maintenance, including:

  • Increased system lifespan
  • Improved energy efficiency – which often leads to lower utility bills
  • Improved overall performance and home comfort
  • Decreased frequency of breakdowns and necessary repairs
  • Assured compliance with all safety codes and regulations – parts of your air handling unit could have cracked over the summer, meaning toxic carbon monoxide could leak from your furnace
  • Assured compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty – many manufacturers require that their systems be inspected annually in order to maintain their warranty—check your warranty for details

What Happens During Your Maintenance

So what exactly do you get during your seasonal furnace maintenance? Well, it gives our expert technicians the chance to thoroughly inspect your furnace for any signs of wear and tear and ensure everything is working not only properly, but well. We’ll check everything from your thermostat calibration to each and every furnace safety control. Our technicians can also check for and minor issues so they can’t become major problems down the road because the last thing you want on a frigid winter night in Philadelphia is to be stuck without heat.

And don’t forget to sign up for one of our residential HVAC maintenance agreements—they provide you with a complete precision tune-up, professional cleaning, priority service, and discounts on necessary repairs. Contact us to learn more!

Schedule Your Seasonal Furnace Maintenance Today

There’s no better time than now to schedule your seasonal furnace maintenance in the Philadelphia, Bensalem, and Yardley, PA areas. Call the experts at Dowd’s Mechanical, Heating & Air Conditioning at 215.607.6448 to ensure your furnace is going to be up to the job of keeping your home snug and comfortable all winter long. Contact us today!