What Counts As An Emergency HVAC Service Call?

Everyone will have a problem with their HVAC system at some point. Most of the problems can wait until the next business day. However, emergency problems will need to be addressed as soon as possible.

It Is Blowing Out Opposite Temperatures

If you need hot air and the HVAC system is blowing cold air or vice versa, then the first thing that you will need to do is check the thermostat. Call a professional if the thermostat is on the correct setting. You may have a blockage in the ductwork.

Your System Does Not Respond

Call a professional if the HVAC does not respond at all if you try to turn it on. This is a problem that rarely happens. However, it is likely an indication of a serious problem that needs to be addressed by a HVAC professional in Bucks County, PA.

Your HVAC System Has an Odd Noise Or Smell

You are probably used to the sounds that your HVAC system makes. However, if you hear anything unusual, then it is time for you to get it inspected. Abnormal clunking or clicking are some of the things that you will need to listen out for. If this problem is ignored, then your system will eventually malfunction.

An odd smell is something else that indicates your HVAC system needs immediate attention. This could be a sign that your wires are burning.

The Ice Is Growing on Your HVAC System

An HVAC should never have ice on its evaporator coils. You can tell whether you have ice on the evaporator coils by looking for water underneath the unit. Your HVAC system may have a refrigerant leak.

There Are Gas Odors in Your Home

If your HVAC system runs on gas, then you may notice a rotten egg smell if there is a gas leak. A gas leak is a serious problem. You will need to turn off your system and call a professional as soon as possible.

Electrical Issues

Humming, tripping circuit breakers and flickering lights are some of the electrical issues that you may notice when you turn your HVAC system on. This can be dangerous, so you will need to hire an HVAC professional to correct this problem.

Short Cycling

If your HVAC system is turning on and off frequently, then this is known as short cycling. Short cycling will wear your unit out a lot more quickly. It is often caused by a compressor issue.

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