The Most Common Types of HVAC Repairs

HVAC repairs can easily cost thousands of dollars, which is expensive compared to tune-ups that only cost a fraction. While it is possible to take precautionary measures against HVAC issues, repairs are sometimes inevitable. Here are some common kinds of HVAC repairs.

Air Conditioner Repair for Inefficient Cooling
When an air conditioner suddenly stops providing enough cool air, there could be a lengthy list of potential causes. However, the most common causes of this issue are dirty registers and a buildup of dust or debris in the air filters.

Clogged Air Filters
HVAC air filters are necessary for trapping and collecting unwanted particles, e.g. dust, thus preventing them from reaching the HVAC unit. The fuller the air filter is, the less air the HVAC allows to pass through.

We often fix this issue by replacing the air filter and recommending periodic replacement (usually monthly) for proper HVAC maintenance in Warrington, PA. If the HPLC does not provide enough cool air even after replacing the air filter, then we check the evaporator coil for signs of defrosting.

Dirty Registers
Data registers are another cause for limited airflow into homes that use HVAC systems. Regular vacuuming and not obstructing the HVAC system with items such as furniture often helps solve this issue.

Air Conditioner Repair for Constant Cycling
Many HVAC systems nowadays operate using sensors. If the air conditioner does not stop cycling or begins to cycle erratically, then a thermostat sensor knocked out of place could be the culprit. A quick fix for this issue is bending the thermostat wire that holds the sensor in place just enough to position it near the coil without it actually touching the coil.

Heat Pump Repair for Overactivity during Mild Temperatures
A heat pump running nonstop during mild temperatures, e.g. in spring or fall, is a good indicator that it needs urgent servicing. We begin fixing this issue by removing any ice that may be around the HVAC unit. If the unit is located outdoors, we insulate it then proceed to cleaning and servicing the heat pump.

If these routine maintenance procedures do not solve the issue, we inspect the house’s ductwork. Poorly maintained or oversized ductwork usually allows heat to escape, thus forcing the HVAC unit to run longer than it should to warm the house. Sealing spaces in the ductwork or replacing it altogether should solve this issue.

Boiler Repair
Frequently finding water puddles around the boiler could be a sign of leakage. Some common repairs for water leaks include:

  • Servicing/replacing the pressure-relief valve
  • Repairing broken pipes
  • Replacing the pump seal

Gas Furnace Repair for Inefficient Heating
Having a faulty gas furnace during a cold Pennsylvanian winter night is not a fun experience. If the usual quick fixes, e.g. cleaning the flame sensor, opening the heat registers and hitting the reset button do not work, then it could be a service issue. If the intermittent pilot light turns on, but the burner doesn’t stay ignited, then the hot surface ignitor might be due for replacement.