Signs You Need a New Furnace

Being a homeowner has its freedoms, but it also requires consistent maintenance to maximize your quality of living while minimizing monthly bills. Knowing the signs of needing a new furnace is essential to avoid overpaying for heat and reducing the risk of further problems in your home’s vents.

Consider the Age of Your Current Furnace

Many furnaces available for homes today have an estimated lifespan from 16 to 20 years, depending on the make and model. If your furnace still has a visible pilot light, there is an increased chance that your furnace is outdated and more than 25 years old. Keep track of the age of your furnace to avoid encountering unexpected heating and gas problems by updating and replacing it once it is more than 15 years old for the best performance.

Is Your Thermostat Accurate?

When furnaces begin to age and show signs of problems, your thermostat is not likely to read temperatures accurately. If your thermostat shows a warmer temperature in your home but you do not feel it, it may be time to inspect your furnace.

Are Your Bills Higher Than Usual?

When your furnace requires a complete replacement, you are likely to receive heat and gas bills that are much higher than usual. Keep track of the heating and electric bills you receive and compare your electrical and heating output each month. If you have bills from the previous years, use them as references when determining whether or not your furnace is utilizing more energy than usual. Furnaces that are losing power or that require replacing are less efficient, causing a drastic spike in energy usage.

Strange Noises

Monitor your home’s furnace for strange noises and behaviors. If your furnace is making popping, banging, or infrequently rattling noises, it may be having trouble working properly. If your furnace blows both cold and warm air unpredictably, it is time to have it inspected and replaced by professionals. Avoid using your furnace if it is unstable or if noises are becoming more prevalent with everyday use.

Yellow Burner Flame

One of the biggest signs that it is time to replace your furnace is the appearance of a yellow flame where is blue flame is typical. A yellow flame appearing from your furnace is a sign of potential carbon monoxide, making it essential to turn off and avoid using it altogether. Additional signs that are most prevalent with furnaces that are releasing carbon monoxide include:

– Soot and various streaks surrounding the furnace exterior
– Rusted pipes or rusting the appears on the flutes of your furnace
– Excessive and unnecessary moisture buildup on windows, baseboards, and other surroundings of your furnace

If you believe your furnace is releasing carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, turn off all power sources to the furnace immediately. Contact a professional furnace replacement service such as Dowd Mechanical and inform them of the potential risk in your home. Avoid using your furnace until it is inspected, repaired, or replaced to keep your health and the health of your household intact.

Dowd Mechanical specializes in furnace repair and replacements and can help reduce your monthly heating bill and energy output. If you believe it is time to update or upgrade your home’s furnace, contact Dowd Mechanical for more information and to learn how we can help.