Commercial Leasing

We use Trane Commercial Leasing for our commercial customers.

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Why Lease?

Leasing is an easy way to get the heating and air conditioning products you need to run your business efficiently, but without committing working capital that can be used towards other operating expenses and growth strategies.

If you want to preserve your cash and still acquire the equipment and/or invest in facilities improvements needed to efficiently operate and grow your business, let us show you how Trane Leasing Services can become your business partner! The easiest way to lease is to start the process online!

Advantages to Leasing

The main advantage to leasing is improved cash flow. However, you should also these additional advantages:

  • Low Initial Investment - Usually only two payments in advance as well as a one time administrative/documentation fee not to exceed $150.00* is all you need to get started. Banks usually require between 10-40% down payment!
  • Flexibility – Your entire project investment can be financed, including soft costs such as installation, engineering, extended warranties, maintenance agreements, etc. A bank usually only loans money to cover the equipment and other tangible (hard) costs.
  • Fixed Rates – The rate is set at lease commencement and will not change through the life of the lease. Bank lines of credit usually fluctuate depending on market conditions. This makes the lease an excellent hedge against inflation!
  • Longer Terms and Smaller Payments – Terms are available up to 84 months**. The maximum with a bank loan is usually 48 – 60 months. Download the bank comparison statement.
  • Increase Your Buying Power – Leasing provides a source of secondary funds separate from your bank line of credit. It’s like having a second line of credit separate from your bank!
  • Keep With New Technology- Leasing makes it much easier and more convenient to replace outdated technology with the new state of the art equipment you need to keep your business on the leading edge of your industry.
  • Little Collateral – Typically, the equipment is the only collateral needed for the investment.

The Bottom Line

Leasing makes good financial sense. Trane Leasing Services has incorporated the speed and power of the internet to allow you to lease online, as simply and easily as possible. And it’s 100% secure. If you have any questions, contact Trane Leasing directly at 1-800-724-6026.

*Any Documentation fee expense in excess of $150.00 is subject to Lessee’s approval.
**84 months available on transactions greater than $100,000.00