Commercial HVAC Rentals

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Dowd Mechanical, Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to announce our newest service: commercial HVAC rentals. These commercial heating and cooling rentals will be done through a brand new branch of our company called Stay Cool Rental. We offer complete turn-key service from estimates to installation—and in some cases, we can start your installation within an hour.

If you need a commercial HVAC rental unit for your business or government office, contact Dowd Mechanical, Heating & Air Conditioning today by calling 215-607-6448 or filling out the form to the right!

Get Your Rental When You Need It

We understand that there are going to be times when waiting for your heating or cooling system to be repaired is just not a possibility, and our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for you.

For commercial businesses and government offices, we offer:

  • Temporary AC rentals & installation – we have a wide range of temporary air conditioning models to suit your needs—whether you need just one room to be cooled or a whole office building. When you need cooling immediately, we’re here—and we can usually provide service the same day!
  • Temporary heating rentals & installation – hospital patients and elementary school students can’t wait for furnace services which can take weeks or months to schedule and approve, so when you need reliable heating in a pinch, we offer heating system rentals that can often be installed within an hour.
  • Back-up system installation – many offices and government buildings don’t ever want to experience a hiccup in their heating or cooling, which is why they install back-up HVAC systems. Our experts can match your building with a back-up HVAC system that is sure to keep you comfortable in an emergency situation.

What Makes Us Different?

We don’t think it’s enough to come out and drop off your HVAC rental unit and expect you to figure out how to hook it up properly—this may be the way many companies do it, but not us! When you call us for an estimate, we will assess your building size and requirements and match you with an HVAC rental unit that is right for you. Once the unit has been selected, we’ll do a complete installation included installing ductwork and electrical sub panels when necessary! Our experienced and trained professionals will show you to properly power and use your temporary cooling or heating unit to make the most of it.

And since we are a complete commercial HVAC company, when it’s time to replace your heating and cooling system, we can help you with that too! Contact us today to learn more!

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Get heating and cooling when you need it—now! Call the experts at Dowd Mechanical, Heating & Air Conditioning—our Stay Cool Rental division can get you up and running in no time. In fact, we can usually provide service the same day and get from estimate to installation in one hour.

Contact us online or by phone at 215-607-6448 to schedule a free estimate!

*Dowd Mechanical, Heating & Air Conditioning does not offer residential HVAC rentals.