PECO Rebates Can Save You Money This Summer

Now that summer is in full swing, most of our air conditioning units are working overtime to keep the temperatures in our home down. If you find that your system requires AC repair in Warminster PA or even replacement, it may be time to consider upgrading to a top of the line ENERGY STAR appliance.

The advantage of ENERGY STAR systems is that they use less energy — not only does this put less strain on the environment, but it also helps you save money on your bill each month! What’s more, PECO offers rebates for homeowners that buy a new ENERGY STAR system.

PECO rebates save you money in two ways. First, the mail-in rebate instantly offers you a discount when you purchase an approved ENERGY STAR appliance or machine. PECO rebates, which can total up to $350 depending on which approved appliances you upgrade to within your heating or cooling system, are offered on approved ENERGY STAR purchases. You can see a list of approved ENERGY STAR appliances and home additions at

In addition to mail-in rebates, ENERGY STAR appliances also save you money in the long-term by providing a system that is able to maximize energy efficiency. Because the systems have been designed with the latest technology to burn up less electricity, the toll taken on your home’s heating and cooling bills are less than with standard appliances. PECO rebates are also offered, in part, because these systems allow us to conserve energy, leading to a healthier environment. If you’re looking to save money as well as save the planet, an upgrade through ENERGY STAR is the right choice for you.

Want more ways to save money on your cooling bill this summer? Follow these tips:

  • Keep your thermostat at a higher setting (78-82 degrees) and use ceiling fans to make the room feel more comfortable.
  • Keeps windows and doors closed during the day and keep blinds and curtains closed to prevent excess heat and humidity from entering your home.
  • Install awnings on south-facing windows and plant shade trees around your home to decrease the amount of sunlight.
  • Don’t run the air conditioner unnecessarily during moderate weather.
  • Make sure your attic has enough ventilation to prevent heat buildup during the day.
  • Keep lamps, TVs, and other heat-producing electronics away from your thermostat to prevent it from running excessively.

If you are looking to schedule maintenance or AC installation in Doylestown, PA, let Dowd Mechanical help you choose the most energy efficient choice for your home. Upgrade today and see savings with your PECO rebate, as well as a lower heating a cooling bill at the end of every month!