Moisture Around Your Heating Vents May Be A Sign of Trouble

The colder weather is upon us and more people are turning on their HVAC systems to warm up the house. You may have noticed moisture collecting around some of the heating vents. Maybe you’ve even felt a drop or two of water coming from the ceiling, which can be alarming.

During the heat of the summer when you run your air conditioner, it can be a common sight to see condensation on and around the unit due to the humid air meeting the cold air. You may not expect this type of condensation in the winter though, especially if your HVAC seems to be heating up your house properly. Water in or around the heating vents can indicate a maintenance issue, so you should investigate the problem right away.

The first step in determining the root cause of the moisture is to check if there’s water surrounding all of the heating vents or just one. Next, you’ll want to check your crawlspace and interior ceilings for signs of leaking pipes or even a problem with the roof. Moisture has a way of working itself into the walls of your home, so it’s wise to cover all your bases when it comes to excessive moisture.

A hydrometer is a useful tool that will alert you to high levels of humidity in your home, and it’s a good way to lead you to the problem. If you find that your attic or crawlspace has high humidity, then try drying the area with a dehumidifier. If that doesn’t resolve your problem with moisture around your heating vent, or if your humidity levels are normal, then you’ll need to continue to troubleshoot the issue.

When a heating vent hasn’t been used for a long time and the room is cold, then the heating ducts can collect moisture. When the heat is turned on, the excess water will be expelled around the vents. You can seal off unused vents with plastic or insulation to stop this problem if it’s a room that’s not being used. Insulating your air ducts and the areas around the ductwork will decrease the likelihood of moisture building up in your vents too.

Moisture in your HVAC is a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria and can cause major health problems for you and your family. Contact our experienced HVAC technicians today to help stop moisture from damaging your home and to ensure a warm home with our HVAC service in Warrington, PA.