HVAC 101 by Dowd Mechanical

In the world of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning solutions, there are many intricacies and complicated systems to understand. Abbreviations, slang phrases, technical terms, and other words used by contractors can often leave the client out of the loop and confused.

Dowd HVAC is here to change that by breaking down five commonly used expressions in the industry. After all, a customer should always know what work they are getting. Our free quotes are detailed and straightforward, but just in case you need to decipher any jargon you heard elsewhere; here is some HVAC 101 for you to study (don’t worry; there won’t be a quiz!)

  • Refrigerant – a fluid used for cooling or refrigeration that rejects heat at high temperatures and absorbs heat at lower temperatures.
  • Coil – There are typically two coils in an HVAC. The condenser coil is in the external air conditioning device, and the evaporator coil is in the indoor unit. Coils are used to increase or decrease the pressure and temperature of the coolant gas/liquid.
  • HSPF – The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor is an equipment efficiency rating. Higher ratings mean that the equipment is more fuel efficient (comparable to Miles Per Gallon on a car.)
  • Commissioning – Checking all components after a project to ensure everything is compliant, working, and satisfactory to the customer. After this process, we will provide documentation of the testing and instruct the user how to operate their newly installed/repaired system.
  • Infiltration – The air that enters gaps, cracks, and holes including electrical holes, HVAC systems, doors, and other entry points.

To learn more about what goes into the perfect HVAC system, contact us today. We are happy to explain the ins and outs of our services during your free quote.

From commercial air conditioning repair around Warminster, PA, to AC maintenance in Jenkintown, PA, Dowd HVAC can handle jobs of all shapes and sizes. Our service area includes Bucks, Philadelphia, and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania and Burlington and Camden Counties in New Jersey. Our money back guarantee is one of the many ways we stand behind our products and services.