How To Tell It Might Be Time for a New Heating System

For some people, making the decision to replace their current heating system is a tough one. Even worse, some individuals simply cannot grasp how it is more cost-effective to replace/upgrade their system instead of writing a check to a technician who has just made repairs. While replacing a heating system will ultimately be the homeowner’s decision, individuals who are looking for some stark signs that it’s time to replace, rather than make repairs, should consider the following:

The age of your system.

One of the biggest signs that indicate it’s time to upgrade your heating system is its age. In fact, if it is over two decades old, we highly suggest that you have an evaluation to determine its efficiency. Also, the age of the unit can be the direct cause of the next two signs it might be time to replace your system.

How frequently you pick up the phone and call a technician to make repairs.

Having to pick up the phone and get in touch with a local heating company to make repairs once a year is one thing, but having to make them once or twice a month is another. Frequent repairs, and especially those that cost a pretty penny, are sometimes signs that the efficiency of your unit is declining. Furthermore, if the amount of money you are making on repairs is getting into the thousand dollar range, we highly suggest that you consider investing that money in a new system.

The current state of your utility/energy bill.

Although there could be many reasons why your energy bill is rising, one could certainly be your heating system. If you have noticed a steady increase over the course of a couple of months since you turned your heater on, it is likely that it is the culprit. Therefore, if you believe that your heating system is at fault, we strongly encourage you have a heating technician come out and perform an evaluation on your unit.

In the end, the most obvious sign that it is time to consider a new system is its age. Although everything might appear to be in working order, the older your unit gets, the less efficient it becomes. Furthermore, think about this: while your heating system was state-of-the-art at the time that it was installed, there are now better and even more efficient systems available.

To have one of our heating technicians come out and help you better determine whether or not it’s time to replace your heating system, please reach out to us at any time.