How Do HVAC Filters Help Keep My Family Healthy?

You may already be aware that regularly changing your HVAC filters saves money, allowing your air conditioner to work with ease. You may already be aware that your air filter generally improves air quality and benefits your health. You may wonder, however, how does an air filter so significantly enhance your physical well-being exactly? There are several pollutants and particles in your air that can become detrimental to your health, having your HVAC service in Warrington, PA regularly and changing your HVAC filter is the number one combatant in the battle between dirty air and easy breathing.

Dirt and Dust

Without changing your HVAC filter, you’re breathing in all of the dirt and dust that naturally finds its way into the air. If anyone in your family is allergic to dust or pollen, you put them at risk without a proper HVAC filter to keep as many dust, dirt, and pollen particles out of the air as possible.

Pet Dander

Even though you might vacuum and dust often, knowing you need to when you have pets in the house, your pet’s hair and dander will similarly make its way into the air. Pet dander is especially rough on infants and the elderly, so if you have a newborn or a senior living with you, you can’t let the issue of pet dander in the air go unchecked. No one should be breathing in pet hair, which is why it’s essential to have an air filter that keeps it out of the air that you breathe.

Mold Spores

Mold is not as visible as people believe it is. Mold spores are microscopic, and they only grow once they land on a damp area that allows them to spread by feeding on the moisture. By the time you can see mold, it can often already be too late to prevent your family from getting sick. An HVAC filter tackles these mold spores while they’re still particle-sized, taking them out of the air before they have the chance to touch down and grow.

Outside Pollutants

You may not realize that the air quality outdoors can affect the makeup of the air within your home, especially if you live in a busy area full of traffic and construction. The smoke that cars emit can carry into your home, as well as the dust and dirt that their tires pick up, making it hard for you even to keep a window open when all you want is some fresh air. When outside pollutants come into your home, the smaller space can make the air quality inside worse than outside. An air filter assists in clearing out the smog and harmful particles, so you can breathe more comfortably even if you live in a particularly polluted area.

Without an HVAC filter, you and your family risk allergies, respiratory issues, and general breathing problems. To keep everyone’s lungs and sinuses clear and clean, make sure you have an effective air filter. Not only will you improve the quality of the air, but you’ll improve the quality of your health and therefore your living.