Furnaces and Heat Pumps and Boilers, Oh My! Which Heating System Should You Choose?

If you’re buying a new property or you have to replace your old heating system with something new, you may have the option of choosing what you want. And no matter what season it is, it’s good to have a choice over which system you have in your home or office.

Don’t know the difference between the types of heating systems? Well, we can help. At Dowd Mechanical, Heating, & Air Inc., we offer trusted heating services and systems throughout Jenkintown, PA, and surrounding areas. We can help you decide which system is best for your home or business based on your budget, the type of property, and your preferences.

So, let’s break them down. The three most common types of heating systems are heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers. Here’s what sets them apart:


There are two different types of furnaces: electrical and gas. We specialize in the installation and repair and gas furnaces, which are more efficient than electrical systems.

In fact, gas furnaces are some of the most efficient heating systems available. New gas furnaces can even potentially offer as much as twice the heat production as models that were made 10 years ago. So, if you’re trying to save energy and stay exceptionally warm, this could be the choice for you.

Here are some other benefits of installing a gas furnace:

  • Burn gas cleanly
  • Eliminate the need to remove dirt and soot
  • No oily odor
  • Unlikely to break down
  • 90-97 AFUE ratings
  • Still function when the power goes out
  • Release low emissions
  • Can operate in small spaces


While many new homes don’t have boilers, they are very reliable systems that work best in apartments, multi-family homes, and business buildings. They rely on steam, which offers multiple benefits:

  • Since they have few moving parts, they are durable and reliable
  • Provide clean and dust-free heating
  • Don’t require ducts or complex remodeling

Heat Pumps

Last, but not least, there are heat pumps. Heat pumps are very efficient because they work as air conditioners in the summer and heating systems during the winter. Since they’re always working, they must be properly sized and installed the first time. When installed by us, they can perform efficiently and save you money for about a decade.

Now that you know about the different types of heating systems, it’s time to decide. You can call us for installation, replacements, emergency HVAC repair, and heating services in Doylestown, PA. To find out which system is best for you and make an appointment, contact us by visiting https://www.dowdhvac.com/ or calling 215.607.6448.