Five Ways to Make Your Heating System More Efficient

Everyone knows that the more efficient your appliances are, the longer these appliances last. One of the most important appliances to pay attention to is your heater. Here are five tips that should help improve your heater’s efficiency.

  1. Check on the Ductwork

Address your ductwork. Your heating pump or furnace works hard, and energy can go to waste because of bad ductwork. Has it been inspected for broken seals or holes that could be diminishing your system’s heating power?

  1. Check the Filter

The filter in your system is meant to ensure that no dust or other air pollutants make their way into your home, which could end up affecting everyone’s health. The problem is that air filters can get clogged up after a while. You need to make sure these filters are replaced every one to three months. Having a clogged filter means that your furnace will be working harder to produce the warmth you want because the filter won’t let in treated air.

  1. Smart or Programmable

Another way you can make your heating system more efficient is by installing a programmable or smart device. This device can lower the system to the time you set, which could be when you are asleep. These devices could also turn off during the hours you are away if you program it to do so. You can have the device turned back on around the time you normally head back home so that you still feel cozy when you get home.

  1. Good Maintenance

The next thing you want to pay attention to is the maintenance of the heating system. It’s important to schedule this because a professional is going to do everything, from cleaning the interior parts to ensuring no obstructions are getting in the way of the device’s capabilities to calibrating the system. You are also going to be able to deal with issues before they arise since they will be caught early.

  1. Inspecting the House

You are going to have to make sure you have your home inspected regularly. What you are looking for are imperfections that could be diminishing your heating system’s ability to keep you cozy. Cracks or holes could show up around your home or on your roof, which are the kinds of things you want to watch out for. An inspection could also tell you if it is time to add more insulation to your home. You do not have to do this frequently, but you should plan for inspection annually.

Hopefully, these tips help ensure that your heating system stays as efficient as possible. Talk to your HVAC specialist to see if he or she has any other recommendations. Contact us today for any emergency heating repair in New Hope, PA.