Energy Efficient Options For Heating And Cooling Your Home

Efficiency means doing something with minimal resources. When we talk of efficient ways of heating and cooling your home, we refer to the most cost-effective methods of doing so. There are fewer alternatives for heating and cooling your indoors. Luckily, technological advancement has introduced more efficient ways of heating a home. In this article, we will look at ways of heating and cooling your home with minimal resources.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are some of the efficient alternatives for heating and cooling homes in moderate climates. These systems pull warmth from the outdoors and circulate it indoors during the winter months.

In the summer, the systems pull hot air from indoors and replace it with cold air during summer. Technically, the system doesn’t generate warm or cold air; it draws the air from outside, saving on energy costs. Nowadays, more advanced heat pumps can determine the right temperatures for your home and heat or cool air efficiently.

Air Conditioners

The air conditioner is made to resist humidity. The technology applied in an air conditioner is pretty simple. A refrigerant rotates around coils back and forth between a liquid and gaseous state while getting rid of heat. Air is blown across the evaporator coils by fans containing the refrigerant, and cold air is forced into your indoors with the support of a condenser and compressor. Through the years, HVAC in Trenton, NJ has been enhanced to energy-efficient models.

Radiant Heat

What makes this system unique is that warm air originates from a heating system installed underneath the floor. Radiant heaters are available in electric, air, and hydronic options. However, air radiant heating is used alongside a solar heating system and is way more expensive than most people’s budget. In addition, it is less efficient than other types of radiant heating.

On the other hand, electric radiant systems use electric power. The most common and cost-effective radiant heating option is the hydronic radiant heating system. This system heats water in a boiler, and the water is circulated through tubes to heat your indoors. Modern radiant heating systems have an option for zoning control, allowing you to take charge of the thermostat.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps are the same as conventional Bucks County HVAC since they move air to cool or heat a home. The only difference is that they pull air from below the ground instead of using surface air. This allows them to maintain steady temperatures compared to traditional heating systems. Tubes with refrigerant are installed deep underneath your yard. The tubes absorb heat from underneath the ground and heat your home during cold weather. During hot weather, the systems get rid of heat through the earth loop.

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