Common Signs Your Indoor Air Quality is Bad

Bad indoor air quality can lead to difficulty breathing and other health concerns. There are signs that indicate this.

1. HVAC Problems

If your HVAC is not working as it should, there is a likelihood that you have negative air quality. Often bad air quality is caused by blockages or clogging in the HVAC ducts or system. If you notice clogging, it probably means that your air quality is not up to par in your home. Another indication is to update your unit if it is old.

2. Off-Centered Humidity

Humidity can be a large sign of bad air quality. This can include humidity levels that are too high and too low. If your air is too humid, use fans for circulation. If your humidity is low, use a fan after using water or buy houseplants. Humidity can cause more problems as well including mold.

3. High Amounts of Dust

Excessive dust is seen on surfaces and can even be seen in the air at times. Dust can cause very bad air quality and can create allergic symptoms. It can also clog of your HVAC system as aforementioned, or it could be a sign that it is not functioning properly.

4. Temperature Differences

If your home’s rooms have inconsistent temperatures, you may have a problem with bad air quality. If you have your air set to sixty-eight, for example, but one room in your home is very warm, there are problems. These problems can lead to air quality problems that cause bad circulation, leading to bad air quality in your home.

5. Bad Smells

Bad smells, especially those that are stale, can indicate bad air quality in your home. Often, these bad odors are a sign that your home’s ventilation is not up to par or that the ventilation system is not working properly. Look for where the odors travel to, meaning look for where they are strongest in your home. This will assist you in finding the source of the problem in order to get your air quality up.

6. Respiratory Problems

Poor air quality will reflect in your health. Poor air quality can aggravate allergies and can cause chest congestion. This can lead to coughing and illnesses such as bronchitis or pneumonia. With poor air quality, you are breathing in harmful things.

There are many indicators of bad air quality in your home. If you notice any of those listed above, take steps necessary to improve air quality. Schedule our HVAC services in Buckingham, PA today to help you solve your air quality problems.