Server Room AC Services in Bensalem

Helping You Prevent System Interruptions

Any business that has a data center or server room knows just how important it is to regulate the temperature and humidity in that room. The consequences of an IT failure due to overheating can be costly—not just financially but through data loss, decreased production, and more. That’s why Dowd Mechanical provides specialized data center, computer room, and server room air conditioning services in Bensalem, Philadelphia, and Bucks County.

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Custom-Designed HVAC System for Your Server Rooms

At Dowd Mechanical, we can replace your server room’s existing cooling system or we can completely design and build a new HVAC system especially for you from the ground up. We have a mechanical engineer on staff to assist with our system designs so you can be sure you’re getting an expertly designed data room air conditioning system for your business.

Benefits of having your server room or data center cooling system professionally designed include:

  • Accurate cooling– Your server room air conditioning system needs to be perfectly matched to the size and cooling demands of your room, otherwise, you run the risk of your computers overheating.
  • Lower energy costs– It’s a waste of money to keep your entire office space as cold as your server room needs to be. A professionally installed, server room-specific AC system will be custom sized to the room and dedicated to the server room with its own thermostat, separate from the rest of your space.
  • Reduced risk of IT failure– A properly sized and installed server room air conditioning system is going to keep the temperature and relative humidity at a safe, consistent level, thereby reducing the risk of costly IT failure.
  • Reliable performance– When your air conditioning system is designed by a mechanical engineer and built and installed by an experienced, professional HVAC company like Dowd Mechanical, you’re going to have reliable performance. You can rest assured that your system is going to work exactly how it should.

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Whether you’re in need of a replacement commercial HVAC system for your data center or a new cooling system for your server room designed and built from the ground up, Dowd Mechanical has you covered. We’ve been the local community’s experts since 1997, and we tailor all of our services to your specific needs. As a family-owned and operated business, we’re proud to stand behind our service and standards through every job to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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