Best Value Ice Machines

How Dowd Mechanical Saves You Money

Best Value Commercial Ice Machines

At Dowd Mechanical, our mission is to offer businesses an ice machine program that has their best value in mind. Any successful business owner has their own version of what “best value” can mean for their company, and at Dowd Mechanical, we have our version of what best value means when it comes to commercial ice machines.

shutterstock_447248056Here are the three components of value that we hold to with our commercial ice machines:

  • Money
  • Duration
  • Predictability



The economics of ice machines most likely is not a course you can take at the local community college. However, the professionals in the industry note that the purchase price of an ice machines is only about 13% of the lifetime costs of ownership, with 87% of the remaining costs being spread out over time.


It is important to keep in mind the amount of time spent searching for the right equipment, the scheduling of maintenance and filter replacements, and any emergency repairs that need to be made. With simple estimates our customers our have provided us with, in general we can save your business anywhere from 5-10 hours per year. Stretched out over multiple years, it is clear to see the benefits and value ice machine subscriptions with Dowd Mechanical can do for your company.

This benefit, while measurable like money or time, is nonetheless the most important. Our commercial ice machines are able to stay in their designated spot, out of the way, properly doing its job.

Any type of business industry is unpredictable. That’s why the best value of a commercial ice machine is the peace of mind our customers have. With a reliable service and product from Dowd Mechanical, you can spend more time paying attention to customers.

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