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Commercial Refrigeration Services in Bensalem, PA

You have a business that is ready to be up and running but there is one last thing you need to organize: commercial refrigeration services. This can, of course, be vital to any business that needs to keep items in certain conditions like perishable food or flowers. It is important to have a commercial refrigerator installed in your business that you can rely on. The last thing you need is something that is set up improperly and causes problems during your crunch period.

We can provide you with services that will provide you with the commercial refrigeration system that you can trust. Dowd Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning provides installation, repairs, and more for these systems. Not every professional team can say this. When you need a team to handle your commercial refrigeration needs in Bensalem, PA, turn to us.

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Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is highly important if you have a restaurant or even just a to-go dining operation. Of course, to get a restaurant refrigerator or industrial refrigerator set up properly, you need a professional team that understands these systems. Our team is staffed by trained and certified technicians who know how to handle and install large refrigeration equipment. We can also provide maintenance, repairs, and other services for these systems.

You don’t want to trust the installation of large residential equipment in your home to an amateur. We’d imagine you wouldn’t want to leave the services for your commercial refrigeration equipment in the hands of anyone other than a professional either. We will ensure your commercial refrigerator gets the service it needs.

Commercial Cooler

A commercial refrigerator is going to help preserve and keep food and other perishables fresh for longer amounts of time. A commercial cooler can offer the same power or a lower-level of refrigeration. Coolers, like refrigerators, can be walk-in or reach-in style models and can help to keep everything from drinks to food to flower cool.

A commercial cooler is going to need the same professional quality of service as a commercial refrigerator. Whether you are looking to add a walk-in cooler or a reach-in one, you need to make sure that you schedule your installation and other services with a professional team like ours. Dowd Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning works hard to guarantee top quality service when we help business in Bensalem, PA.

Commercial Freezer

As the name states, commercial freezers are going to go a bit beyond what commercial refrigerators do. While these, too, can include systems that you reach into or even walk into, they are going to take things a step further by offering the ability to freeze whatever is in them, rather than just keeping them cool.

Commercial freezers are powerful systems. As with any commercial or industrial system, you will need to have it serviced by a professional. Our team knows how to address any issues you may have like a refrigerant leak or temperature control issue. From installation to replacement, you can come to us. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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