All About Dowd HVAC’s Heating and Cooling Maintenance Program!

Dowd HVAC is not your ordinary HVAC company. Unlike many contractors; we talk the talk AND walk the walk!

What talk do we walk?

  • Talk – We claim to put our clients first.
  • Walk – We offer a Heating and Cooling Maintenance Program to help customers save money, avoid disaster, and get priority treatment for emergency jobs.

“Tell me more about this program, Mr. Blog Guy!”

Don’t mind if I do…

Dowd’s Heating and Cooling Maintenance Program is one of the many ways we display our transparent nature. The point of this offering is to help our customers’ systems stay functioning year-round by providing routine maintenance on a regular basis. This exclusive membership includes:

    • Two Annual Tune-Ups – Avoid annoying headaches such as your AC unit breaking in August by having our technicians do a bi-annual check-up. This helps address small issues that can escalate into larger problems. It also helps your system run more efficiently, which will also help cut down your monthly energy costs.During these tune-ups, we will set your home comfort systems back to the factory specs to have them working like the day you bought them!
    • Service Bill Discounts – Members of the HCM Program also receive a discount on their bill when using Dowd HVAC. A $25 referral coupon is also available for every customer that brings a new customer to us.
    • Priority Scheduling – HVAC VIP at its finest. This benefit will get program members preferred scheduling during the busy seasons when the waits are generally longer. Let’s say it’s the week of Thanksgiving and your heater breaks – no problem! Just call us up and we will squeeze you in!
  • Free Air Quality Check – Customers who enroll in this program before September 1st will receive one free air quality check to help cut down on dust and other pesky allergens.

Call today and ask us about some of our AC repair offerings in Blue Bell, PA, September AC repair scheduling in King Of Prussia, PA, and our online coupon that is available across our entire service area! We also offer 24-hour emergency service (just in case!) If you are interested in learning more, our phone number is 215.607.6448. We look forward to speaking with you shortly!