4 Outdoor Activities in Bucks County

This time of year, AC installation around Willow Grove, PA, and the neighboring towns are in high-demand. Don’t wait until something breaks to take action. We are likely to see temperatures reaching 90+ degrees in the upcoming weeks, and it’s always better to be prepared as opposed to being caught off guard. After you have your air conditioner evaluated (and fixed), you can embark on some guilt-free outdoor adventures in the Bucks County area this summer. Here are four of the many options:

1 – Frisbee Golf (Disc Golf) – Tyler State Park in Newtown is one of best courses in Pennsylvania. Courses generally have between 9 and 27 “holes” which are baskets containing chaining that catch the frisbees that fly into them. This game is fun for the whole family and is less strenuous than football, basketball, and hockey. After a long day of disc-tossing, you’ll be happy to set foot in your fully air-conditioned home thanks to Dowd HVAC.

2 – Tubing Down The Delaware – Bucks County River Country is a blast. A common starting point to the ever-flowing Delaware River is located in Point Pleasant, which isn’t too far from Doylestown and other densely-populated towns nearby. If you need to dry off, simply crank up the heat in your home to avoid getting sick. We guarantee the new home comfort system will cool and heat as stated. If the promised temperature range is not achieved, we’ll replace it at no charge… Guaranteed!

3 – Farm Hopping – If you want a low key day filled with good food and regular events, check out Tanner Bros. in Richboro or Shady Brook Farm in Yardley. Both of these farms are known to have some of the best homemade ice cream in the entire county! If the ice cream doesn’t cool you off; we will! We offer AC repair in Willow Grove, PA, and all the surrounding towns (including Richboro & Yardley!)

4 – Peddler’s Village – This historic attraction has brought in tourists for over 50 years! From classic architecture to award-winning gardens, there is a lot to see. Oh, and, let’s not forget the extensive list of specialty stores for all of your shopping fanatics. Before you spend money on new home decorations, make sure your home is a comfortable temperature year-round by visiting www.dowdhvac.com or by calling us at 215.607.6448 today.