3 Tips That’ll Ensure a Hot Winter

BRRRRRRRRRR. Chilly weather is upon us. Have you had your heater serviced recently? There are only two ways to find out.

The hard way – Your heater dies in the heart of a blizzard.

The easy way – You call Dowd HVAC and get proactive maintenance done to avoid a disaster.

We have helped many people with emergency HVAC services, and we cannot stress enough how important regular HVAC maintenance is. To prevent a wintertime temperature disaster, we offer annual heating services in Willow Grove, PA. Let’s face it; the last thing you want to deal with is returning home on a snowy day only to find that you’re all out of hot air.

In addition to calling us, here are three ways to keep warm this winter:

  • Hot food and beverages – If you just shoveled your powdery driveway, a hot snack is often the best way to warm up. Coffee, tea, and cocoa are three of the best warm drinks, and soups and stews are great forms of sustenance that will also raise your body temperature. Adults can add various liquors to spice up their holiday seasons. Kids, please stick to marshmallows.
  • Bundle up – When going out on a brisk day, be sure to cover your head and hands. These are two places where heat escapes if they are exposed to the cold air. From scarves and beanies to boots and holiday-themed onesies, there are plenty of cozy wearables that will help keep you warm. Also, to prevent catching a cold after a shower or bath; be sure to have a robe ready, and always dry your hair before venturing outdoors.
  • Exercise – Nothing gets the blood flowing like some good old-fashioned cardiovascular excursion. From a game of football to the stationary bike that’s collecting dust in your attic, there are many ways to get exercise during the winter. Just make sure you listen to our second suggestion and bundle up!

All of the above tips don’t mean a thing if your in-home heating system is dead. With that being said, don’t procrastinate when it comes to heating services around Norristown, PA (or anywhere.) We offer thorough evaluations, free quotes, and quick repairs and installations. For more information on Dowd HVAC’s suite of solutions, visit https://www.dowdhvac.comtoday or call 215.607.6448 to learn more about our current promotions.