3 Reasons to Call Dowd HVAC in November

Let’s face it; [some] people are procrastinators. We wait until the last possible minute to take action.

Your final exam for Chemistry is tomorrow and you haven’t studied a lick. No problem. You will probably pull an all-nighter with the help of some coffee and cram your way to a solid C+.

Your odometer shows you have about 30 miles left before your gas tank is empty. No problem. You will probably ignore the indicator light until your dashboard shows you are on “E” and then mosey your way to the nearest Sunoco with your fingers crossed.

Your air quality is subpar, and you’re waking up with congested sinuses and a sore throat every morning. There’s no way you can ignore that, right? Wrong! You likely will wait until everybody in the home is covered in Kleenex before you call somebody to check on your HVAC system.

Don’t be that guy/girl.

While waiting until the last minute occasionally works for college courses and filling the gas tank, it’s not a good idea when it comes to your family’s well being.

As they say in Game Of Thrones, “winter is coming!” Don’t wait until December or January to handle your finicky heater. November is the perfect time to address your heating systems. Here are three reasons why you should call us this November:

  • Quick turnaround time – As you can imagine, once winter strikes, the phones are ringing off the hook. Get your problems addressed in November so you can rest assured that your system will be working all winter. Save time, money, and headache by being proactive.
  • Free quotes – No money out of pocket is always a good thing. We give thorough, straightforward estimates to all of our customers to show them exactly how we stack up against the competition. We will even give customers $200 off of a complete installation job and $25 to anybody who refers a customer to us.
  • Experienced, professional work that lasts – We have been servicing the Philadelphia area since 1997. Since then, we have compiled dozens of exemplary reviews and testimonials that back up our work. Why hire a company without a track record when you can invest in the best?

Long story short: We pride ourselves on fixing it right the first time. Tis the season to acquire about heating services in King of Prussiaheating services in Warminster, PA, and everywhere in between! Stay warm this winter by handling your HVAC system in November. It’s quick, simple, and affordable.

For more information, call 215.607.6448 today.