3 Quick Tips to Help Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

A lot of people know how crucial it is to ensure that their air conditioner is up to par before the first heat wave hits. After all, living in an environment where it is just too hot is never comfortable! But, what about your heating unit? Should this very important and complicated machine receive some maintenance to guarantee that it works when piling on extra blankets is not enough? Of course! While having a certified technician come out and examine your unit is extremely important, there are also some things you (the homeowner) can do to make sure your heating system is ready for winter!

1. Check on and replace the air filter.

Yes, it’s time to check the air filter once more. Just like you should have done during the spring or late winter, checking your air filter during late summer or early fall is vital. In fact, if you didn’t know, checking the air filter regularly (especially if either system is not turned off for months) is something you need to do more than once a year or twice a year!

If you leave a dirty air filter alone for months, it could have an impact on your energy bills, decrease the air quality in your home and just damage the overall efficiency of your unit. So, although it may be annoying to check on this seemingly small part of your heating unit, leaving it alone could mean big problems down the road.

2. Make sure that nothing obstructs the air vents.

If you want air—hot or cold—to circulate throughout your home correctly, you need to guarantee that absolutely nothing obstructs the vents. The last thing you need is to find that your energy bills have skyrocketed because there is an armchair or another piece of furniture absorbing all of the heat! Lastly, double-check all of your vents to see that they are open!

3. Check on the efficiency of your thermostat.

Sometimes, a faulty thermostat can be the reason your heating system is not working the way you want it to. If you find that you are setting it to one temperature—but it is heating it to another, this might also mean that there has been a problem with it ever since it was installed!

There are certainly some things that homeowners can do on their own to make their heating unit “winter ready,” but we do not suggest taking on much more than what we mentioned above. For example, even though you might feel comfortable oiling your unit’s blower motor, some people do not do it correctly. In the end, if you want to ensure that your heating unit is 100% ready to work properly, call a heating company and schedule an evaluation!