3 Fun Activities to Have at Your Next Cookout

Summer is the vacation of seasons. Some of you may have the entire summer off, while others will have to carefully plan their free time to soak up some sweet, sweet sun. Regardless of your schedule, you’re likely going to be a part of at least one BBQ. Do your next cookout right by considering these three fun activities:

Dowd Disclaimer: Before spending prolonged time in the heat, make sure your air conditioning systems are working so you have a comfortable, safe spot to refuel and recover. Okay; now back to the fun stuff…

  1. Have a catch – You don’t need much land to throw around the frisbee or toss the pigskin with your kids. Other potential objects that can spice up your game of catch include boomerangs, baseballs (use gloves,) and tennis balls (especially if you have an energetic puppy!)
  2. Cornhole – Also referred to as Baggo, cornhole is a fun, simple game that is great for people of all ages. Cornhole is generally played with two teams, each comprised of two players, but 1v1 and 4v4 are also viable alternatives. The game costs a mere $5 at your local Five Below and can entertain guests for hours at your next summer BBQ.
  3. Water Fun – Slip-N-Slides, sprinkles, and water balloon tosses are a great addition to a cookout. Just make sure you have the proper safety precautions in order before taking a drive down the slippery tarp or when sprinting across patches of wet grass. Splashing around is a great way to cool down your body temperature. Oh, and, speaking of cooling down on a hot day; make sure you have a reliable emergency HVAC company saved in your phone in case the AC breaks during the summer months.

Stay cool. Stay comfortable. And stay prepared just in case…

“Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.” ― Franz Kafka

Although Franz was not referring to 24/7 HVAC services, it is critical to be ready for worst case scenarios. If your AC system breaks in the heart of summer, you can call Dowd for all of your emergency HVAC needs in Bensalem, Langhorne, and the neighboring areas. Contact Dowd HVAC online or call us at 215-515-2999.