2 Discounts That Are Hotter Than Spring Itself

“Drop It Like It’s Hot.” Yes, this is a Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg song. No, it is not referring to a game of hot potato. Hmmm. Maybe it’s referring to Dowd Mechanical’s affordable prices this Spring? Sure. Why not? Let’s go with that scenario…

But how would multiplatinum musicians have heard about these phenomenal limited-time discounts? Must be the website. The good ole’ internet. But why would millionaires from the West Coast care about air conditioning installation around Willow Grove?

Simple. High-quality services at a cost-effective price. You don’t have to be a worldwide millionaire to recognize great value. Plus, if you are making hot beats, you are going to need a cool studio. Air conditioning is the definition of cool. Literally. The whole point is to cool our clients down during the hotter Spring and Summer months (the same temperatures that many West-Coasters experience year-round).

No matter what genre of music you will be playing this upcoming Summer, we recommend that you make sure your AC units are in working order to avoid needing our emergency rental service. Be proactive. Save money. Worst comes to worst; you need a new unit installed. Luckily, we have these two promotions running all Spring:

  1. $200 Off Installation – No, this not a typo. Two-Hundred-Dollars-Off. Savings like that will allow your money to go to a brand new BBQ grill or some patio furniture. For complete details, head over to our website!
  2. Refer A Friend Program – We appreciate your business. To show our gratitude, we are introducing the Dowd Family & Friends Program! If you are currently one of our customers, simply telling somebody about us can result in a $25 gift card if they become a customer too.

With almost 20 years of experience, we know that making the process simple and transparent is important. That’s why we put so much care into each project.If you are happy, we are happy. If you and your friends/family are happy, we are ecstatic. No matter your music taste, people in need of AC repair around Doylestown and Bucks County should remix their HVAC situation immediately.

Free quote forms are available 24/7 online at https://www.dowdhvac.com. You can also call 215.607.6448 to speak to one of our HVAC experts.