Can a Zoned System Lower My Utility Bills?

When you use your zoned air conditioning system correctly, it should help you optimize your energy use and save on your utility bills. That’s because a zoned air conditioning system is designed with comfort and energy efficiency in mind. Consider this: the more difficult it is to maintain agreeable temperatures and comfort throughout your home, the more energy dollars you may potentially save.

For instance, if your home has two or more levels of living space, or has a sprawling floor plan, a zoned system will maintain optimal comfort levels in each area of your home with the use of zoning thermostats. If the second floor is unoccupied during the day, you may turn off those thermostats (or use programmable thermostats for ultimate convenience, comfort, and savings) to save energy. During sleeping hours, you can keep the upstairs bedroom zones nice and cool while the downstairs zones are “off”—diverting the cooled air upstairs with the automatic duct dampers.

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