Why does my AC smell like mildew?

One thing that will most certainly ruin your cool this summer is a musty AC that smells like mildew. The main reason why this is happening is because there is mildew or some other spores getting into the air in your AC somewhere—but don’t worry, it can be fixed.

That mildew smell happens most frequently when the drain hole in the condensate tray is clogged, causing water to collect and mold to grow. Not only is this bad for your air conditioner, it’s potentially harmful to your health, as well! Having mold and mildew spores floating around in your home will greatly reduce the indoor air quality of your home and can lead to asthma attacks, respiratory illness, and more.

How can you fix this or prevent it from happening in the future? Simple—just schedule routine AC maintenance or repair and the professionals at Dowd’s Mechanical, Heating & Air Conditioning can fix you up.