What is a zoned air conditioning system?

A zoned air conditioning system is a network of thermostats and duct dampers that regulates the amount of cooled air each zone (one or more rooms) receives throughout the day. Zoning technology allows homeowners to cool only the occupied areas of living space at any given time.

One great way to think about this is to imagine you are reading the newspaper in the living room—you wouldn’t need the lights on in the upstairs hallway and bedrooms to do that, would you? With a zoning system, you can cool (and heat) specific areas of your home in much the same way.

Zoned air conditioning systems are especially beneficial for homes that are large or have many levels, where it’s difficult to consistently regulate the temperature from level to level and room to room. In fact, in addition to improving your overall home comfort, they can also help improve your energy efficiency.

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